Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adzukis and me

Ok, let's get this right out in the open.

Unlike most of you, I am not much of a cook. My excuse is that for much of my life meals have been left to those in the household who have some passion for the process, that special quality reserved for those I called 'intuitive' cooks/chefs. I've been a lusty appreciator all my life, been exposed to many wonderful cuisines, but have seldom been the one who actually does the work.

I guess you could classify my ability level as a capable maker of pesto, hummus, salads, spaghetti sauce, omelets and your basic chicken dinner.
However, I could not bake my way out of a paper bag.
But I find myself doing alot more experimenting these days as both my diet and my interest in vegetable growing has shifted.

Yet I have been making my own sprouts for nearly 30 years, admittedly the bulk of which have been alfalfa...what can I say I love alfalfa sprouts. I'm growing alfalfa just for the seed.

So where do the adzuki beans fit into this story? About a month ago I found myself at a high end nursery/garden center many kliks from home and caught myself staring at packs of sprouting seeds from Thomson&Morgan. Adzuki? What is this? I'd come around recently to mung beans and love them so hey, here's something new to you Randi.
Fast forward: Back home..hey, why not put some of these tiny beans in the ground? OK, let's.
A few weeks pass: I'm strolling along and notice these things..oh yeah..I should find out something about them. I do. They take about 120 days! haha! I'll have to build a plastic hoop over them in early September as I understand they don't take kindly to frost.

I'll keep you posted.

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