Saturday, June 20, 2009

driving home from work

My eyes have lovely scenery to behold the whole of my work commute. Those whose gardens I can see will catch me rubbernecking, making benign little judgements, a throwback to my landscaping days I'm sure. I'm heartened to see an upswing in veggie gardens even in a 'greenie' state such as this.
So today I spy a guy weeding a newly installed veg patch, on his knees, smoking a cigarette. I don't know, it just made me snort-laugh out loud. You know what I mean?

In any event I check the weather and discover we've potentially six or seven days of moisture and below average temps making us all jittery about our crops rotting or just becoming so stunted they lose the will to carry on.
I'll think positively and hope the temps climb enough to prod things along and maybe a few rays might penetrate the gloom.
And if I had any doubts about the exquisite balance of 'things' I learn today that my best friend's daughter delivered a beautiful, healthy baby while at essentially the same time my 98 year old great aunt shuffled off this mortal coil. Life/Death.

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