Sunday, June 14, 2009

new this new that

driven from the gardens by the buggy hordes who love these rain forest days...remember the good old days when weather patterns didn't seem to stall interminably? They'd do their thing and then blow off. Too many days of hanging moisture make for happy slugs.

So I retreat to try to 'figure out' the new SLR, (already I learn I need an additional lens), and decry my overall techno-imbecility when it comes to all things computer-y. I need a nerd on standby.

But, oh yeah, the gardens, the woodpiles, the brush clearing, the garage cleaning,and, the 'oh shut up already and be thankful you live where you do'.

It's great to once again have fresh food, honkin' salads with promise of more to come though I am already mentally counting the days til first predicted frost and wondering if this year, just maybe, one of my melons might make it to softball size. What people who do not live in the mountains or perhaps have lovely high tunnels take for granted with their high falutin' eggplant and melon production. Yeah, I'm envious, I admit it!


Mr. H said...

We are also inundated with slugs. Slugs in our salads, slugs on the porch, big ones, little ones... so many slugs.

Melons are a hard one for us as well, I have yet to grow one worth eating. This will be the year though... I hope.

Look at it this way, us colder climate folk probably have much better salads, minus the slugs of course. You know they eat those things in other countries, France I think, perhaps they would be good fried and used to top a salad.:)

goodidea said...

OK, so what's the excellent looking dark green leafy brassica looking stuff in the first photo?

Know what you mean about melons. I have had just enough success over the years to keep me trying (no hoop houses, etc, just naked in the garden). Still, even when we do get some nice ripe ones, by the time they are ripe in September, the weather's cool to cold, and I don't crave melon the way I do in July and August... I have found some nice keeping melons, though.

randi said...

well guys, the good news is that the sun will shine tomorrow....the bad news is more rain follows. I'd be happy if I could de-sog for a few days. Of course I'll be complaining about a drought in a few weeks. She can't be satisfied!

goodidea..that'a one of my 'patches' of brussel sprouts, broccoli and kohlrabi.