Monday, August 30, 2010

how I spent my summer vacation or there is life without a computer

Well, so much for my note-to-self regarding discipline when it comes to blog posts BUT it ain't easy to do minus an actual computer so I'm letting myself off the hook.
At first it was a nightmarish withdrawal but very quickly the pain subsided and was forgotten and my ruminations over this dry summer were just mine own bouncing around and echoing in my head. Though, to disclose fully, it has been a gluttonous affair catching up on my favorite blogs.

It's been a bizarrely dry summer in Vermont this year and truly for the first time did I actually begin to think about some sort of practical irrigation ideas. (Add that to the list)..The upshot, of course, is that everything that's been struggling along is small, small, small having been deprived of the quantity of water for optimal growth. But, on the flip side, wow, I have enjoyed the sunshine and lack of rain more than I can say so I just sort of shrugged my shoulders and hoped that the imminent collapse of 'everything' doesn't happen this particular winter as the goods put away thus far are minimal, (except for pesto..basil galore!)
So what I decided was to just look around, move alot of perennials, amend the soil, spend endless hours watching the ducks and chicks grow and to feed them whatever their caviar lovin' palates desired. (OK, let's be honest, I am their slave).
So truly I'm just trying to prep for that mythical ideal represented in the words 'next year'..that attitude has really lessened the burden and I've found myself enjoying my humble labors.
As to my connection to the interwebs? I'm still on shaky ground but I'm taking it in stride!