Monday, July 6, 2009

a patch of blue

Something new. The first day in a long time without rain. Of course the day is not over yet but the blue up there keeps trying to share the sky with the seemingly permanent residents known as clouds-that-threaten. But hey, we'll take what we can get. And what we are getting here is an unwinable scenario. They'll be no 'catching up' this year. Our best hope is to just hold ground.
Anyway, the rain and the rot and the slugs and the cold and the vigorous weed growth keep me humble. These past few weeks have found me 'thinking'...rut ro that's trouble! I've made the not so momentous decision to work on those gardening things I can and limit the energy spent bemoaning that which I have zippo control over..For that matter, what do we have any control over? Another post.
I've sprayed the fruits with kaolin finally as today was the first that could be described as dry enough to apply anything..and just in time as I squished my first four mature JBs. I was reading a post somewhere where someone was saying that the whole Japanese beetle season for them was 2 weeks from beginning to end..hmmm..not the case here.
I believe, since I'm still digging them up daily at every possible size, that they like it here, enjoy it so much they stick around the better part of two months. They are not fly by night residents, their attendance can be relied upon.

Otherwise, still plugging along: weeding, staking, propping, cutting, spitting, muttering, apologizing, smirking and wondering.

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Freija and Beringian Fritillary said...

Isn't that first spot of blue and golden sunshine magnificent! After an entire week of not a speck of sun (not to mention the previous two weeks of rainy and generally crappy weather) I thought I'd go mad. And finally, the clouds broke, it felt Biblical, the birds all broke into deafening song and the direct sunlight through my eyelids felt like an electric current through my body.

We really do rely on half-decent weather, it's going to be tricky with climate change coming on, that's for sure. Did you have a frost warning last night? There was a frost warning about 100 miles north east of us, and it got down to 43 where we are. Yikes, I mean, it is July!?!