Tuesday, June 16, 2009

putterin' and scratchin'

OK, the truth is I do talk about 'the weather' to the exclusion of most everything else. I long for Camelot; gentle, soaking rains at night and days sunny and DRY! Dream on, Chump!

Despite the world not bending to my specific atmospheric requirements I press on... weeding, staking, finding aphids on the favas, lily beetles on lilies, slugs on the everything and well, again, rather cool temps keeping the lettuce from bolting. I'm allowing lots of stuff to go to seed on purpose, all part of my seed saving scheme.

Today I harvested first batch of cilantro prompted by Mike's (Subsistence Pattern) cue. Since my 'gardens' are in no way traditional, mixing flowers and veggies and herbs, tightly packed, chaotic and all on hillsides I find myself circling like a shark on the lookout for 'what's happening', often missing vital changes as lots seems to be hidden in plain sight.

The grandest goals are permaculture and beefing up the soil fertility. It's getting better all the time!


Matron said...

Your chaotic, tightly packed mixture of plants sounds great! Just the way nature intended!

Mr. H said...

We purposely grow some of our vegetables scattered all over the garden in order to help avoid bugs... it doesn't really seem work though.

So, I also spend a lot of time wandering around, trying to find stuff... sometimes even forgetting certain plants until I come by with weeding fingers. Just yesterday I stumbled upon some sea kale that I had forgotten about.

randi said...

thank you matron..you're kind comment cheers me.

know what you mean Mike but I have a sneaking suspicion that's half the fun of it!