Sunday, July 6, 2008

so sue me

So what if it's been nearly a year since i thought of this sad and abandoned blog? Would love to report that during said span of time I've come up with some novel notions but that would be less than truthful. I've gotten a vid cam finally but as one might predict I've yet to master the finer aspects of actually getting shot footage to editing 'place'...sheesh. But this is a wrinkle I can, in time, iron out.
Politics? Forget's over.

As ever this time of year is filled with garden chores. Let's be honest, it's a full time job but I'm not beefing. As old and achy as I am it's the only honest labor to which I am suited. Though I loathe the expression, it's the only place I can 'zen out'..of course people startle the shit out of me when they approach as I am long lost in RandiLand.
So the garden blogs I read are leaving me wanting..the sustainability vids I watch are truly lacking. This is where I'm supposed to say, "Well, you think you can do a better job kiddo?"..nah. Just different.

Privacy. The ultimate freedom. And what a freeing few days I've had. Dare I say it, I feel energized.