Monday, June 29, 2009

Old Bag Gets ProActive!

Considering the measure of moisture out there describing today's activities as 'dusting myself off' is sort of, well, laughable. However I have completed the metaphorical dust off and have set my stubborn little noggin in an onward and upward direction. Good grief, what a sentence.

In any event today involved purchase of Surround, the kaolin clay spray, as suggested by her Wonderfulness, El. That got me started off properly with a game plan of attack for the despised Japanese beetles. I am excited to try it.

Add to that donation of about 30 lbs of frozen blueberries to food bank, (not so much true altruism as I need freezer space for the one thing that have never disappointed here, blueberries. Lots of them/Always). This years crop looks to be magnificent and right on schedule.

Add to that a new grape vine,
Catabwa ,tiny grapes included. Please don't ask where I eventually planted it as the future pergola that will support it is as yet only a figment of my imagination. But it's in the ground and I heard it go 'Ahhhh' as it shed it's plastic pot.

Add a bit of re-stocking of some pumpkin and squash from 'work' where they've been growing on unmolested in big greenhouse and I righted a bit of my cockeyed Vermont veggie world.

So, today's lesson...Never Give Up.

oh, oh I also wanted to add that I'll be making a list of seeds I'm happy to share with anyone interested, mostly flowers but we'll see what happens with the plants as the season progresses. Pinkies crossed.


El said...

Yay! Big bag of clay = little purple pill for Vermont Gardener! Make sure you spray that poor little grape vine: grapes and my poor roses are the bugs' primary target around here.

I am game for your seed trade, too, but I fear it will be a while before I get motivated to put my list on the blog. Do keep me in mind though. Was it purple favas you had that I was lusting after?

randi said...

Thanks again El, what would I do without you? You are welcome to anything seedy I have..This is my first year growing favas,(and many other things), but it looks like the crimson flowering type I tracked down after seeing the flowers on an English blog are beginning to bean up. I'm also growing the Joe Blow green variety..anyhoo, crimson heading your way for sure.