Tuesday, April 28, 2009

time springs

Lots and lots of thoughts about bloggishness but not enough oommphh to jot down a couple sentences.
My time's been spent divided between the world of commercial greenhouses and my little permaculture experiment here at home. It's been an exhaustingly wonderful couple weeks watching life do it's thing in hyperdrive.
When I've thought of this neglected blog I veered from putting it in the category of necessary guilt inducing chore, that's not why it came into being. Had the Radish has simply come to be something of an aide, a helper, a reminder, a chronicle. However I discover it will never be an official 'how-to', I haven't the expertise and gardening is so often peculiar to one's geographic little niche and each property has it's own microclimates.

BUT I do find myself thinking pretty deeply about things like zealotry, patience, you know, big picture stuff...I need to learn the 'how to's' and thankfully my cup runneth over with access to so many great blogs and gardening sites but I find myself most touched when my favorite writers cannot help but pull their clearly defined philosophies into their words. It heartens me to know there are so many others living what I would consider an authentic life. I would not describe myself as hopeful insomuch as my worldview is little other than grim but personally, quietly I find a bit of optimism in my gardens.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Reliance Peach

I was afeared this might happen. Not only not enough time to blog but even to read other blogs I've become so addicted to reading. Phew! Crazy busy time, even forgetting to grab camera to document what is going on if for no other reason than to use for future reference.

BUT....things are happening, all signs of snow are pretty much gone. Crocuses have appeared. And we've had a dry sunny spell the last few days which promises to be broken today by rain, much needed I might add.

My home time has been spent in the lowest of labors, turning sod, prepping beds, making a new lasagna bed over an area of recent construction, (10' of gravel so I build UP), shuffling seedling trays from pillar to post, lugging all sort of stuff and in general feeling a sort of exhaustion that would be fully satisfying if it didn't make me ache so damned much!

Anyhoo, I picked up this zone 4 hardy peach from work the other day and have to drag it into the shed at night as it came from downcountry and it's blossoming way too early for Vermont so I'll baby it until the nights are more or less above freezing. I'm slapping together something of a mini orchard and have been gathering up what I can over the last few years in the way of fruit trees/bushes.

Meanwhile it's back to the trenches for another go 'round and despite my grumbling to the contrary I love this time of year!

Monday, April 6, 2009


back to work work..