Thursday, June 25, 2009

Url is in the driver's seat!

OK,ok...I get it. It's been insanely hot and humid everywhere but here until today.
So today I got to reclaim those fond memories of sweat running down into my eyes, (note to self: wear sweat band of some sort). And yes, somewhere I find a sleeveless t-shirt and shriek when I 'see' the farmer's tan I've been working on the last couple months. Don't worry, my cruelty does not extend to you Dear Reader, I'll spare you a pic.

So we are pushing up against July already and I make mental calculations as to the likelihood of my miserably stalled seedlings making it to the 'bigs'. We'll see. A couple of 'perfect' months would be OK with this old gal. I try not to go to that dark place where I am overtaken with envy upon hearing of my comrades having already put up half a years larder.

On the plus side I grazed on fresh peas for lunch..on the minus side I planted very few this year. Strange considering it's my second fave veg. My first favorite you wonder? Spinach. But my lack of success for the second year in a row gets me fired up for 'trying' to grow it when it's much colder, under hoops or in cold frames. I am determined.

Yep, I've done some succession seeding, certainly with the lettuces, asian greens and chards and have harvested great salads thus far. This year I planted alot of the greens and brassicas kind of off-to-the-side and, knock wood, they seem to be thriving. Not having any fences makes me a tad skiddish this time of year but with the dogs and other applied stenches I hope to keep the deer at bay. Again, we shall see.

Here's hoping for a couple of dry days!
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Freija and Beringian Fritillary said...

Thanks for throwing some humor on the less than thriving garden. I've been grinding around in that dark place, watching crops disappear via cutworms. We've had perfect weather this spring, and I guess that means it's perfect weather for the bugs too... Nothin' in the larder here, but I won't throw the towel in yet!