Friday, June 19, 2009

it's that time of year

jack in the pulpit
iris in the japanese maple
rubber duckies in shed window
a pear appears
physocarpus diabalo
leeks host web
my handmade teepee for beans..behind is is one huge honkin' angelica
water in the rows
first sighting
oriental poppy
may this peach make it to adulthood in Vermont!
gotta admit everything covered in raindrops makes for photo drama

The blogs are all ablurr with beautiful photos of, well, everything growing.
So not to feel left out I took a few minutes between rainfalls and horsed around with the new camera...(here's when Randi inserts self deprecating remark about her techno-cretinry).......................Cretinry? Did I just make that up? Checking Oxford Dictionary, yep, looks to be totally made up, opportunity wide open here for clever snap.

Anyhoo, no actual outside labors today and a good thing too when each step is a squish and I again thank myself for making my rag tag raised beds,(reminiscent of a Boot Hill graveyard), since there is standing water in the rows. So a few more days of grey and cool and moist and then maybe we'll get some sunshine and the cucumbers might decide to get crackin'.


El said...

Jaysus aren't you sick of this rain already? I believe we have had 3" in this last week alone. I admire your teepee. And I have never known an angelica who was shy and retiring: what the devil do you do with the things though? I must agoogle it as all I have ever seen is that the French tend to candy the stems (which sounds quite delightful but ever so very difficult).

And I am likewise admiring the products of your new purchase, cretinry notwithstanding. I just spent an evening dilly-dallying around in my own overly saturated garden, wondering if hand-pulling of weeds is really the only thing I could do...then realized I *could* trim the tomatoes (and did) and then sent myself into a bit of a funk wondering if this dampness would cause some kind of fungal demise of said plants. (Ah! Gedoverit.)

Mr. H said...

Yep, every time we have a down pour I am reminded why the garden has raised beds. Looking really good Randi!