Wednesday, July 15, 2009

afternoon wander

these are the magnificent leeks I thought were goners a few months ago
single 'black' somnifera poppy
Mom tells me the name of this rose is Dorothy Perkins, it's a reliable old climber
Macy's Pride, I sniffed this at New England Grows a few years ago and was sold. Not only terrific fragrance but seems to withstand the cold as well as my negligence.

a surprisingly pristine daisy
oh man, these tomatoes WILL ripen!
another poppy
oh yes my friends, that is actually a green bean!
can't resist showing the sky...I check it a million times a day to reassure myself there is actually some blue going on up there. The sweetpeas have loved every moment of our unseasonable season.
hyacinth beans
cheerful, undemanding daylilies.

Today I did no work in the gardens but did manage a little walkabout to graze on gooseberries and even some ripening raspberries. Tomorrow I'll carve out some time for garden chores but that's tomorrow.


goodidea said...

Macy's Pride is gorgeous - a rugosa I presume?
It actually didn't rain here yesterday, though I wouldn't call it a sunny day exactly... It is, however, raining off and on today, (big surprise) so I'm putting on the muck boots and bug dope to go out and sow some fall greens...

randi said...

Hi goodidea..actually it's not a rugosa but I TOTALLY understand why you'd think so since that really is the only rose that can be counted on in Vermont. It's a shrub rose developed by Baileys. Since I sell them I also try them out and then promptly forget what I tell customers, "unless you're willing to do some work for winter protection consider this an expensive annual"..Needless to say I don't heed my own advice but this rose has surprised me, even more than the highly touted Knockouts but it could be a fluke.