Monday, July 13, 2009

Kangaroo Apple

Happily I can report somehow managing to rid myself of several vices over the decades but one addiction remains strong and growing; trying new plants. I seek them out. I even work seasonally where I do the lions share of plant ordering and have great range to try new stuff in the form of seed,plug,bareroot, what have you. That being said I can't get everything so when I do get time to hit a few of my favorite nurseries I scan continually for, well, something NEW!
This Solanum laciniatum is from New Zealand, gets about 5' tall and the fruits promise to turn orange. It says it then can be processed and made into jam. Ha! I planted this guy a couple months ago, when it was much smaller, in a pot, thinking ahead to when I might have to drag it back into the shack to escape frost. I may sink the pot in the ground in full sun now that it's showing some production. In any event I'll definitely be saving the seeds of this monster so if any of my 3 readers have any interest let me know.

Did you notice I mentioned the sun? It's been a very tentative, some sun, plenty of clouds and still lots of rain. The bugs still feast on with great drama and no signs of stopping. Sheesh.

I also managed to sow in some very special seeds from the West. I am so excited to extend my season especially from seeds grown for we who are zonally challenged in cold mountains. Many, many thanks to my pal Mike from Subsistence Pattern.

This coming week I'll be turning my attention to beans and tomatoes, perhaps i can coax them on a bit. Hmmmmmm.


Mr. H. said...

I have been dropping my vices for a quite few years now and am feeling good about where I am at on the project. Plants are a great vice!

I have never heard of a Solanum laciniatum before, how interesting. I'll tell you what, if my thorny Solanum sisymbriifolium (litchi tomatoes) turn out I will trade for a few kangaroo apple seeds.:)

I'm just glad that I'm not the only crazy person trying to get strange plants to grow where they should not exist.

goodidea said...

Well, that's a promising looking fruit set, especially for this feeble imposter of a summer. Count me in, if they turn out to be tasty!

You know I really hate burning wood in July, but this combination of wet & cold is too much...

randi said...

Hey Guys..Mike, that we're not the only 'crazies' is often what gets me through the day. And Goodidea, let's not even address the woodstove issue, (especially as we're having to put a new flue in this year, ouch!) - I've had to readjust my expectations for this season and am marginally less hysterical than I was a couple weeks ago. That said, any seeds I have are happily shared. I'll post what they are as they become available. It really is my pleasure.