Friday, July 24, 2009

"Ain't No Sunshine When...."

this sums it up
blueberries looking great but require sunshine for true sweetness
do I have to say anything?
black pearl peppers from seed I saved last year
a soggy view

I suppose a good portion of blogging might be about kvetching and bemoaning one's situation because, after all, it is essentially keeping a journal. The difference of course is that it's 'out there' in the ether. Those blogs I most enjoy reading are, not surprisingly, those that impart some info. The well written and witty part is just about as important.
It's been about a week since I tried to jot something down but I have indeed been thinking about what to say without whining and have come up with squat. This is the longest stretch, in my recollection, that such a weather pattern has stalled above me and it has taken it's toll. Mom told us that if we have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all, and yeah, I get that.....but.......
So we play games with ourselves, in many ways my head is already jumping forward to tasks non gardening, even wintery. And I cannot describe this season as a total bust as it is not yet over. So, I'll hold my breath, keep my pinkies crossed and stack wood.


Anna M said...

I'm with you. It's hard to blog about gardening when it's all rain and sloooowwwww growth.

However, on the bright side, all this moisture isn't snow.

El said...

See, we've had all that cold without any rain. It finally did the other day and I walked outside saying, "what is this wet stuff falling from the sky?"

My neighbor claims that if I really wished for rain, I should simply hang my laundry out, as this has worked for me in years past. Not this year!

Anyway, yeah, it's quite easy to fall into a bitching session every time you sit down to blog. But indeed this is an unusual year.

Now, did you split that wood too? Crazy!

Freija and Beringian Fritillary said...

Reminds me of those Ziggy cartoons, where the clouds and rain follows him around. giggle.

We've gotten enough sun in the last week, between normal summer sun-showers, to lighten my mood. Though it doesnt change the fact that there's yet no cucumbers or zucchini in July. Thank goodness for snowpeas is all we say around here.

But it really does drive one a bit crazy, all that cloud and rain. I feel you pain sister.

goodidea said...

Yup - the best we got up here was Thursday when it didn't actually rain, though the sun barely came out. I pulled and processed all the garlic and some onions, and I'm so glad I did because it looks like that may have been the only window of opportunity... Our berries are also sub-par in sugar formation... very happy potatoes and favas though... Love the purple pepper plants

randi said...

Hi Gals..thank you all for the commiseration - it helps.

Yes Anna, I am counting my blessings vis a vis the snow issue. Soon enough, I am sure.

El, I look to you to keep me on an even keel and you never fail. That particular pile of wood was already split however on Labor Day Weekend we're having a family splitting party for wood we've cut here on the property that's been drying. We try to stay ahead on the wood supply but don't always quite make it.

F&B F - yep, I conjured that image also. Glad you've gotten some sun but it's been strange not having the zukes and cukes.

goodidea - I KNOW you KNOW what's going on here in Vermont. You have it even tougher up North. Your comment prompted me to go dig my garlic and check my potatoes. Seem to be doing well. If I get any black pearl seeds I'll send them up to you as well.