Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Apres Moi, Le Deluge

16 year old Shamus getting stoned in what's left of the catnip patch
wood finds it's place
daylilies finally have a bit of sun

Ceci n'est pas une pipe - it's my homemade cuke holder upper, don't think I'll be marketing this design right away
And hall of loojaws, those are my peaches! Now mind you two Reliance were put in this Spring and only this one has fruit, and no, these peaches will never be as sweet, large and juicy and those south of here but I am tickled just to have any. Coincidentally I visited a long established orchard a couple days ago not too far from me and they were selling these very same peaches and I checked out their mature trees. Seeing is believing.

The good news is that though we have our daily rains we finally have some heat to go with it AND there seem to be longer stretches between each downpour.

So here I sit, chased in by freshening winds turning the leaves inside out and the increasingly greying skies BUT at least it's not cold! I hear rumbling too, just a matter of time so blog quickly before the power goes out.


El said...

Aw, Seamus!!

Is that Dutchman's Breeches climbing the woodpile? I had a neighbor that had that climbing their porch in Minneapolis, made me want some quite BAD.

Me, I likes that pipe! (Can you ship to Michigan?) What is it, copper?

Oh and yes indeed it's peach/plum/apricot season here FINALLY too! But if you want some zucchini and cucumbers I will send you some. Goodness, found a baseball-bat sized zucchini already and I have ONE plant, only one, to avoid such tomfoolery!

glad to see the sun it shines in your corner of the globe. And that woodpile is GORGEOUS.

goodidea said...

Yow - peaches in Vermont! You gotta love Elwin Meader, Reliance's daddy-so-to-speak. I have peach envy, but gotta wait til someone comes up with an even hardier one, or global warming bumps us up (or down?) another zone... The soil in some of our gardens actually got dry yesterday, but we got really drenched last night. Maybe the sun will come out today again - that would be sweet...
Your woodpile pics are making me nervous. I haven't stacked a stick of our 9 cord pile yet...

goodidea said...

...and another vote for the pipe!

randi said...

Yep El, that's what we call Dutchman's Pipe,(aristolochia elegans), often found on old farmhouses. That particular specimen is about 3 years old. And yes, I'm a Yankee of the first water meaning we throw nothing away including anything you might need 3 years later, especially if it's copper. And, I can't believe I envy you your zucchini but this year I actually do!

goodidea, yeah, woke up to standing water in the rows AGAIN! I'm pretty numb to it all now. I'm calling myself zone 4/5 down here in Windham County these days. If the plant claims to be ok in 5 I'll give it a whirl and have discovered that once established they endure. (Why did I say that? We'll have record lows this coming winter now) -
I'm so impressed with your knowledge of horticultural history, I had to look up Meader and enjoyed reading your post on Littleton beans.

frugilegus said...

Oh, I love the pipe! You could probably charge an outrageous amount of money when you do start marketing the design.

If it's any comfort, it's also alternating between grey and rainy 4000 miles away in London, with the occasional 5 minutes of scorching sunshine to remind one of what summer is supposed to be like, and ensure that whatever one wears will be either too hot or too cold...