Friday, July 17, 2009

Default Cukes and Fresh Seeds!

I once talked to a guy from a big seed company who divulged their less than stellar practice of mixing old seed with new to stretch seed and achieve an 'acceptable' germination percentage. I've often noted and actually come to expect shoddy germination rates from many seed companies but that certainly cannot be said of the lovely seed I received from Mike. This is day 3ish above ground for these guys. I started them inside mostly because the torrential, constant downpours we've been having would wash out any outside sown seed. At least this way they have a fighting chance and judging by their vigor it's looking good.

Okay, this is my default cucumber. I have 2 hanging cuke containers and 3 hanging tomato containers in the shack as my back up and considering what's been going on I'm glad I did. The outside cuke disaster is killing me especially as I made two trellises out of old metal bed frames with wild expectations of bumper crops. Harump!
A love-in-a-puffy-mistball nigella

Today, like yesterday, threatened repeatedly to crack open and pour but I chose to ignore and forge ahead with much needed weeding and cutting back and prepping ground for my my next round of seedlings. I'm glancing at the sky right now and ominous does not begin to describe so I'm glad I got 'er done.
Feelin' good now old girl? Check.


Mr. H. said...

I can't tell you how cool it is to "see" those seeds sprouting for you.:) Yeah!

I think you will like the Russian kales, they are so very hardy. I just thinned some of mine and roughly transplanted them to a different spot in the middle of a 90°afternoon. They perked right up as soon as the sun went down. Probably one of the healthiest vegetables you could ever eat as well.

goodidea said...

What happened to your outside cukes? Ours are healthy so far, but just kind of hanging out, not yet blooming and not really putting out vines. I think they're sulking due to the cold wet nights (down in the 40s) we've had up to this point...

randi said...

Hi Guys!
Thanks again Mr. H. I too, have become a kale-a-holic so these will be truly enjoyed. 'outside' cukes seem to have taken sulking to a new high, low? Oh top of the rain and cold nights the blossoms get chewed to bits before a good pollinator can come along and do it's thing..however, checking today I did notice some growth and movement. Maybe the sunnyish days have helped a bit. Pinkies crossed as per usual.