Monday, March 23, 2009

a tad cool

Endlessly discussing the weather is part and parcel of the gardening game. Whining about the weather is genetically encoded into the DNA of New Englanders. For each of us what's happening on our little patch is of paramount importance and it can be hard to wrap my head around others not giving in to that nearly obsessive past time.

That being said I kept wondering if there were a way to talk about what's happening today, horticulturally speaking, without acknowledging that it all spins of the weather.
Answer: NO.
And then unbidden comes that saying about never discussing politics or religion unless you want trouble and I wondered how I might bundle weather in there too. But isn't the climate/weather/atmospheric doins' my religion and my politics? hmmmm.

Today was wind chilly frigid, barely out of the 20's. It made me pay attention and give up a grudging respect. It also made me sort of glad the snow is still pretty much intact to continue it's insulating job at least until we have temps that are in the ballpark of normal for this time of year. It's all so tricky. Maybe that's why people really fall in love with gardening. The predictably boring, as often happens in relationships, rarely occurs, even though we may find ourselves longing for it.

But when does the good part start? The pics of cornucopia, the healthy farmers tan, the blissful minutes just staring at a bee and all that whadedoodah!? Answer: The good part already started...eyes wide open.

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TMan said...

Good blog again. Hang in there it'll get warmer.