Sunday, March 15, 2009

seed saving/seed buying

If frugality is becoming hip I'm in like flint, or is that flynn? I could never figure that one out.

I read alot about saving open pollinated seeds and heave a sigh of relief each time I discover a new saver, happy diversity. For me it began with the easy annuals I use for cutting and moved on to collecting anything 'just to try it' and over the years, with some patience when it comes to perennials, I've saved a heap of $...

Now, newly interested in vegetables, I am determined to sock away as much seed as possible. Of course the first couple years will require buying the seed to begin with and too there will probably always be things I'll have to resupply but I plan ultimately to reduce my seed orders.

Which brings me to my latest obsession: winter squash. Having had great success with the basics: buttternut, buttercup, hubbard and acorn I've determined the time is ripe to go whole hog. These are not all the varieties I'll be attempting this year, I think there are three varieties still AWOL, but frankly if all my gardens were just squash and pumpkins this year I don't think I'd jump off a bridge. And yes, my favorites are also always being described as 'promiscuous', (wouldn't you know?), and I'm not sure I can manage the time for hand pollinating just yet so right now it's trial time, find my winners and then worry about getting MORE seed..

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