Saturday, March 21, 2009

How Do I Really Feel About Zone Envy?

Reading the blogs of others, maybe just a state away or a thousand feet lower has caused me to consider this expression, zone envy.
So I needed to take a moment, after a day of hacking at won't-go-away snow, to be honest with myself and my frustration and this is what I've come up with: No, I don't have zone envy because I get to live in my zone months other than March.
It's easy to slip into the moan and groan especially as gardening/growing/selling is as much my thing as impatience can often be but I try to tap myself on the shoulder and remind me that I get to live in Vermont. Not bad. Matter of fact, pretty good.
Time to employ more tricks of season extension and take a cleansing breath.

1 comment:

TMan said...

You have become such a zen head
I think it's great except I keep getting us confused I just can't tell us apart anymore I even started to sign my name on a check with Randi.