Tuesday, October 20, 2009

what, a nor'easter you say?

Well, we dodged a weather bullet here in northern New England the last few days..so what better time to zip up to Maine to check out the surf? It's always great when the beaches are all yours.

But now it's home again, home again jiggity jig. Normally taking a few days away this time of year might be problematic but one thing about having a lousy harvest is there's less to do at this normally labor intensive time of year. But heaven know there's still a ton to do. Time to hop to it.

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June said...

It's funny how we get bound to our gardens this time of year and forget to "see" the other beauty around us. Thanks for showing me what's going on...right down the road from my garden. I need to go walk on the beach...maybe gather some seaweed for the compost? Ah, see it's all about the garden always!