Sunday, October 11, 2009

another day in Vermont

Well, El put a bee in my bonnet the other day when I read her post on legitimately, (that is: knowing what she's doing), foraging for wild mushrooms. I, on the other hand, know nothing about fungi. BUT! I've had a ball looking around the last few days on my walks and have begun at least to read a bit on the topic. Tried to find the variety of that bright orange monster but am still looking. If you know fill me in please. So today, Sunday, a day in nature worthy of worship... here it is.


El said...

That looks like a past-its-prime example of chicken of the woods (also called hen of the woods): here are some image results:

I used to buy that at the co-op when I lived in Minneapolis: it was indeed quite wonderful, chewy and meaty, absorbing any broth you cooked it in, adding a little flavor of its own.

you might need to find a mushroomer to follow around!

randi said...

thank you El, I've bookmarked the site, it's a handy one. Yeah, this is something that has caught my interest so I imagine I'll be sniffing around the woods with eyes peeled.