Friday, October 9, 2009

quintessential aromatherapy

Walking in October with Effie, Egil and Cabot is a treat.
Walking is a treat and breathing in and out is exquisite when the air is so clean and it's about to rain and the earth is fecund and so spicily perfumed that it is not to be described but to be inhaled.

I should not consider it, (daily long tramps), an indulgence. I should and do consider it my health care insurance. We did our 4 mile loop along the river and I dillydallyed today, taking time to stare at the shrooms, lichen, leaves, fungi and on. But deep breathing was at the root of it. I noted that were I able to bottle and sell said aroma I would be wealthy. So, another day, more gratitude, woodstove going, baked squash and apple pie from the fallen apples. Not for a second today will I not be conscious that Life is indeed good.


Anna M said...

Sweet! I didn't know you had Corgyn too! I have two pembrokes a red like yours and a red head tri. I love the short leggers. Sounds like they get great exercise!

Mr. H. said...

What an absolutely beautiful area you live in! You make me want to be a dog.:) They are so lucky.

randi said...

hey anna..technically the corgis belong to my sister but yes, they are lucky to get miles in every day, short legs and all. We've always, until recently, had 'real' dogs, meaning 'big' dogs but I gotta say these little guys grow on one and are surprisingly tough. the scottie, of course, is the king doing his independent thing in the woods as the corgis worry and herd.

Mike, yep..I'm lucky to live with such beauty around me.