Friday, February 27, 2009

Vermiculite & Fish Emulsion, Oh My!

Today, decidedly gloomy and raw, was a good day to run around and collect 'stuff' I'll be needing to expand my Edenification Project. Found a few bargains but was generally appalled at the cost of everything. Again, not a unique sensation for this impoverished old Yankee. But it's good to gather now so that I'll be poised to jump in headfirst at the first sign of bare ground (and, even though it's actually raining here at the moment I have my severe doubts it'll do much damage to the 3' of snow surrounding me, so, calmez-vous it'll be a while yet).
Tomorrow I go to a farm for mulch hay..that ought to be interesting and I'm still actively dreaming of a chicken progress on that front yet because I cannot bring myself to turn the tool shed that-used-to-be-a-chickencoop back into one.
This is always a tricky time of year in Vermont. What am I saying? It's tricky til June..late June.
Url the cat doesn't care, the nonchalant sprawling on his rug is inspirational.

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