Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Seedy Shack

The tradition with gardeners it seems,(and rightly so), is to photograph seedling only when they actually appear so no photos yet. I can announce that inside I've begun in the most ramshackle-y manner my eggplant variety pack, the ornamental peppers, and some greens..Out in the unheated seed shack are about 30 cold weather items, winter sown, covered at night and yet to show signs of life which is ok as it's promising to be a brisk 5 degrees tonight. Wicked cold this February. BUT, the sun is shining aiding tremendously in my overall mental health. I have high hopes for March and I'll always take the sun under any circumstances, it's a precious commodity here for sure.
Meanwhile I slog away trying to 'plan' places for the 80 bazillion plants I'll have this year. Lots of new varieties, emphasis on the veggies. Lots of ordered seeds yet to arrive, lots of collected seed to be started. Yikes! Dare I say it, I'm excited!

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