Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"another day, another blue-green electric dollar"

you have to be really old to get that reference..
My attempts at keeping the seed shack from freezing solid seems to be working..actually tiny lettuce sprouts doing their thing. It is encouraging especially as the sun struggles to shine and the woodpile is akin to a cement block where the water trickled down and glued it together. Keeping the cats out of the indoor seed trays has been fun too..Clever cats, evil cats, fluffy cats.
Anyhoo, I find myself with an extra couple of bucks to spend on 'garden' stuff but instead of fun things I've already figured it'll all go to Agway on decidedly unfun but necessary stuff. However my eyes keep drifting to the catalogues. Another day, same addiction. Oh, hey, here comes the sun. Maybe it'll stay a few minutes.

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