Monday, October 1, 2012

A Silent Year

Nary a photo snapped.  Not even for the almost clockwork nature of available subject matter.  Not a bit of video streamed.  Not even for the ridiculous cuteness of unexpected baby chicks.  No, this year passed as solitary, private, quiet.  A deliberate working out, a long contemplation whose consequences are yet to be determined.
 I pretty much despise obscurantism; liking instead a beginning, middle and end. And an explanation.  Whether in a book or a garden I want A-Z.  (I chuckle, you'd think I'd learn, wouldn't you?).  Eventually one figures out our little grabs at control, (no matter how humble),  are, at the end of the day, laughable.  And, after a period of suitably ruffled feathers, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and carry on ideally with a 'big picture' frame of mind.
So I took a break from this blog and even from reading those other blogs I admire so much.  When I did investigate I found a few of my favorite writers seemed to have significantly lessened their output as well.  Have they said it all?  Hardly I suspect.  I'll keep checking.
So now that I'm in the process of putting the gardens to bed and re-thinking what I might want for next year I have a hankering to blog.  Ok, yeah..funny.


El said...

I miss you too Randi. Thought of you when Hitch passed away.

I am glad you're still cogitating and digging dirt though. Some things are constant amidst change!

randi said...

ah El...daughter of my spirit. Only you would know what Hitchens meant to me. Were the world filled with more like you. But yeah, we'll both keep on trudging and growing, won't we?