Thursday, November 10, 2011

falling in the fall

Sometimes you just fly off a ladder when you're stapling plastic over the new windows on the chicken coop and you land face down in that special mud goo so particular to a chicken yard. And then several minutes tick by until you dare test your bones to see if they still work. I can only guess that my ample padding saved much of me but my poor old knee got wrecked enough so that I've spent the last month dragging my left leg behind me. It'd be hilarious if it wasn't me. But healing has happened and progress is made and the swing is heading up. I can now even flex my hitherto jammed-solid thumb again so I expect soon to be ambulating in the 'up to snuff'
category...well..sometime after the new year. (I'll milk this convalescence for a bit).
I've not been thinking much about this blog and noticed it's been quite a while since I poked my snout in for a yik-yak. When I do think of it though it's never with a despairing feeling but more like, "Hey, jump in, take a swing." To be honest I've been distracted. Not necessarily in a bad way but not strictly in a garden-y way. Not that there are any rules about the content in this journal but I rather respect the fact that the majority of the food growing related blogs I do read tend to stay on topic and not stray into the volatile waters of politics and proselytizing. But to be wholly honest those I admire the most and most look forward to reading leave a pretty distinct bread crumb trail as to their feelings about things that are going on.
But autumn is a time to think, is it not? And so I thought today as I sowed spinach in the mini-hoophouse. I thought and I thought and I thought.


Mr. H. said...

Nice to hear from you again, I was begining to think perhaps a flood had washed you away. So sorry to hear about your injuries but am glad you are feeling better...I got a couple going myself, dang it anyways.

Politics and proselytizing, I'm much more inclined towards proselytizing than politics but must admit to working hard at keeping most of my weird thoughts to myself...although, they truly are bursting to get out. Self control Mike, control.:)

The garden is a great place for thought isn't it.

El said...

Are you still thinking?

My neighbor (in his 80s) came over in his lawn tractor the other day when I was mucking out the goat shed. I was of course filthy and somewhat out of breath mainly because I am always ON to the next project and so I feel I need to rush everything. Anyway, Neighbor is driving the lawn tractor because his knees/hips are so bad that he can't do the walk any longer...and here I am, what, late 40s, and I am telling him I think I can do this mucking-out and gardening stuff way into my 80s too because (other than being in a hurry) it's not like it's, you know, HARD work.

He laughed at me. Not at all WITH me.

I thought of you when Hitch kicked, though. Hope your winter is going well...

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