Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Some grow up in households that thump bibles or drink to distraction and those 'traumas' indeed imprint on mushy kid brains coloring them ever afterward. In my case the imprint branded in this old gal's child mind was one of Yankee frugality, waste not want not, be prepared, respect living things and to cultivate a healthy dose of skepticism will rarely fail one.

So with varying degrees of success I've been doing that since dinosaurs roamed. Hence whenever I hear the term I gotta snort a bit and shake my head at a culture-at-large, (that I happen to share this ever shrinking planet with), seemingly to have been brought up to do just the opposite.

Placed in my 'When I Rule The World' folder yesterday was a note, "Every child should be encouraged to explore a hobby that requires neither electricity or ammunition to enjoy"....I can only wonder at the level of creativity that might engender..ah well.

ON TO REALITY: Since my future dreams include never having to buy salad greens again I lessen the pain of currently doing so by knowing that the clear plastic shells it comes in can make the dandiest little mini greenhouses. I poke little holes in the top and bottom for transpiration and in these I start alot of my seeds. The especially good part is that the lid snaps shut and it's rodent proof. Nothing irks more than to discover the destruction of just one nocturnal visit from the citizens of Rodentia after babying a bunch of seedlings for a couple weeks.
Additionally I like those boxes clementines come in as a good container for seedlings bumped up and they're deep enough not to dry out in two seconds. And finally, I'm a sucker for any kind of tin. They're great for storing seed or well, anything.


El said...

I had to move all the seed-starting crap twice this winter: once when we poured a concrete slab in the potting shed and yet again when I decided the potting shed would make a mighty fine goat shed instead. SO: I threw out (!!!) all manner of seed-starting things, all finding their 2nd or 3rd use in the world, and almost all of these things were the same salad clamshells you mentioned. Indeed, they're wonderful for seedy purposes. And you're right the damned voles/mice won't get to 'em.

(gotta love that thing about ammo: that gave me quite a laugh)

Mr. H. said...

Wow! You have a "When I Rule the World" folder too.:) I must agree with the no ammunition rule as that is already a battle that we are facing with the boy as his dad is an avid hunter of everything...sigh.

We have a whole closet devoted to bottles and containers and while they come in extremely handy we may need to back off a bit before it gets any further out of hand.:) We finally had to ask everyone to stop saving that stuff for us. My favorites are glass salad dressing bottles to keep seeds in and of course those nice little berry and tomato containers that we are always finding a second and third use for.

randi said...

yes, not mentioned in the post is knowing when enough is enough and when it's time for things to head to that final recycling!