Monday, January 4, 2010

before enlightenment: shovel snow, make paths

after enlightenment:
shovel snow
make paths

anyhoo, I think I like the workout from clearing a pathway...go for a few minutes, take deep breaths, keep going. We,(meaning the collective, the 'culture' out there), grew up thinking it was such a terrible chore. Guys my age routinely keeling over from heart attacks due to the stress of snow shoveling .
So I asked myself this morning, "Do I like doing this?"
Answer: Not too complicated, not too nuanced..."Well, I really don't mind it all that much..hey wait a minute, I'm sort of digging this...literally and otherwise."
Let's not go overboard and call it fun but I feel good, my lungs feel good. We've no critters in outbuildings, (yet), so I guess I don't NEED to lives depend on these paths as they do for so many others. Maybe, at the end of it, I just like the 'notion' of paths. hmmmmm.


goodidea said...

Well, it is kind of fun... We do our good sized driveway all by hand. I use a snow scoop, and I really prefer it to shoveling, mostly because if you only shovel, by the the end of February, there's no place to put the snow... also if you shove snow correctly, you never have to lift it off the ground, which is what wears me out if I use a shovel. Maybe we could have a Vermont useful winter olympics - snow shoveling, snow shoving, firewood tossing/stacking.. I'm in training...

Mr. H. said...

It sounds like you will be busy as I just heard on the news that Vermont (perhaps not your area) is going to get dumped on. You might have biceps the size of little mountains by the end of this winter.:)

randi said...

hi goodidea! Yeah, I know..check with me in mid February and I probably will be whistling a different tune but part of my 'new life's resolution' is to put something akin to a positive spin on things. And it is good to be outside, getting some exercise, inhaling Vermont and feeling grateful this decrepit old bag can still shovel at all. I admire the fact you guys clear your driveway by hand. I have one of those giant snow scoop things,(a gift), but found it didn't work well for the decks but maybe I'll haul it out of the shed and try it on the paths. You give me good ideas goodidea!

Hey Mike!
It's not over yet..You'll probably end up with a few feet before it's all said and done and take it all in stride I am sure.

DanaJKalman said...

Happy New Year~~!!!............................................................