Thursday, December 17, 2009

bitter cold, grab the camera

a quick wreath from homegrown bay laurel
is this what they call 'winter interest'?
once a year to prove to myself i can do it..clean off bench in shed and give it some oil..
brussel sprouts with mountain view
YES, something is growing in the hoop house!!

Everyone scurries at their own pace but this time of year finds even the most lackadaisical among us doing more than usual. Lots of prepping, list making, decorating and, now that the bitter temps have reached us, doing all those things we do to stay warm. I send up some gratitude for the woodstove and wish I had two or three more!
We've guests coming up for the holidays so it'll be a full house and I look forward to it. Great meals are planned accompanied, I hope, with some fun outdoor stuff.

And again, snow is not for everyone, (blessedly, or they'd all live here), but only the most jaded among us can't see the beauty of it. It keeps blowing my mind year after year!
Ours is a secular household so I send my 'holiday' best out into the ether of the interwebs.....


Mr. H. said...

Randi, I hope that you have a wonderful holiday with your guests. I love the wreath.

Our weather is crazy as usual. The lake froze solid, over a foot of ice, with the past two weeks of below 0°temps and is thawing in the almost 45°heat wave we have had the past few days. Crazy Idaho weather fluctuations at work as usual.

I certainly do agree with your thoughts on the cold and snow being a blessing in disguise.:)

J to the... said...

Your poor brussel sprouts! :)