Wednesday, May 20, 2009

favas and frosts

time for a cleansing breath..potatoes nipped but not down for the count. Just had to take a second to note my crimson flowering favas along with all the Springing that's going on around here. The list is endless and time is so limited but the energy level is blessedly up and there's plenty of planting to be done!


Mr. H said...

Brr, we woke up to frost this morning as well. Late frost is a definite reminder of why I never plant out certain crops until the first part of June... hope my taters are OK. Your Crimson favas and lilacs are beautiful. How do you get the lilacs to bloom so soon, ours are not even close. Nice to hear from you.


randi said...

Hi Mike..I'm surprised to hear about your lilacs as they've been blanketing southern Vt. for a couple weeks now..of course I'm still finding damage from the freeze on all sorts of stuff pushed too far ahead for the time of year but overall I dodged a bullet!