Monday, August 15, 2011

Applesauce & Rain

We seem to apply the old lemons/lemonade adage when it comes to these soft apples that fall early and often. I have no idea what variety they are but they've been found useful for a pretty decent applesauce. I rake them up and look for the least bashed up among them. I've discovered they bruise if you even look at them. They are not huge so it's a bit of fussy work and I must admit that the cinnamon and nutmeg do alot of the heavy lifting in the flavor department but hey, yum, especially around January. (Er, is that a giant pile of wood to stack in the background?..oh Hell.)

Blueberries still to pick.

Amaranth points accusing finger.

Cute little Sekel pear. Tiny and generally neglected but tasty when or if the time comes.

Ha, growing grapes in Vermont, don't get me started. But these announce 'maybe, if there is no hard frost in September'. We'll see.

Growing in amongst the micro squashes. Again, squash and cukes..not so great this year.

Freeze flat on cookie sheet. Defrost. Eat.

I know folks jar applesauce but I'm reserving my canning strength for the mythic tomatoes that threaten to ripen.

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Mr. H. said...

Look at all those apples, I think your tree might be a yellow transparent. They come on early, bruise easy, and make great apple sauce...we have two smaller trees that just started producing last year...Micki packed one of their apples in her lunch this morning.

They say it's an old Native American belief that you can tell how bad a winter is going to be by the size of the whiteman's (or woman's) wood pile...looks like this one is going to be a doozy.