Friday, June 10, 2011

A Fowl Trade..Let it Bee

Long time no bloggy. As with everyone this is a particularly busy time of year and in my case made even more so by taking on new projects proving yet again my high standing in the kingdom of Flibbertijibberty..

Anyhoo..the ducks, my beloved ducks, have a new home on a 3 acre pond. It wasn't just that the kiddie pool wasn't cutting it but also that the boys were having their way with the chickens, denuding them of neck feathers and a sort of general humiliation that come to find out could kill a little hen. So off they went. I visit them when I can and note that the female is actually broody on her homemade woodland nest and maybe they won't get picked off like 3 of my hens have this Spring by maurauding foxes.

So, in exchange, the pond owner has gifted me with the green egg layers Arconas (sp?) and the silkies. The black chicks came from the grain store where, I think, I was told they were barred rocks but I kinda don't think so. Do you know?

In other news I think the honey bees are doing their thing but more on that later when I have time to investigate properly.


El said...

OMG silkies!

The child and I were JUST talking about them this a.m. because she was bemoaning the fact that all our bantam chickens are supremely flighty verging on MEAN. I said someday we might get some Silkies because they're tame, and weird looking to boot.

Sorry to hear about the ducks but our experience was similar. Our ducks were always destined to be dinner though (sorry)

And those black-red babies: they could be red stars, which are a barred rock/Rhode Island red cross bred specifically so you can separate the boys from the girls straight out of the egg. Black chicks with white = boys, black chicks with red = girls. Ask me about my rooster Mary Ellen sometime.

Mr. H. said...

Just look at those Silkies, feathered legs and everything....makes my white leghorns look like ugly ducklings.:) Our black poppies all survived the winter and are really close to flowering. We have a whole patch now, I can't wait to see them.

randi said...

Hey guys..
I am asking about Mary Ellen! El you are a fountain of info. I'm so glad you exist! That goes for you too Mike. This ought to be an interesting chicken year if nothing else.
And, huzzah on the black poppies!