Thursday, April 28, 2011

cart before horse

Interesting title since the one thing I have vowed never to have here is any critter with hooves so no, this is not about a horse. It's about jumping into things before you have all the info, before all the research is done and hoping, with childlike idiocy, that everthing will work out in the end. (I majored in magical thinking..)

So since today is promising more thunder showers I'll try to prime this new enterprise and dream of applied countrified design to adorn..

BEES, honeybees, all ordered and half paid for, to be inserted into new home very soon by something worse than a novice: me.

I will attend a class and will join VT. BeeKeepers but, end of the day it'll be me and the bees. Of course AFTER I decided to bee up I read lots of blogs and watched lots of vids and heard all sorts of sad stories of dead queens, unsucessful mite smiting, mysterious die offs, and racoons and bears and jeez you name it. But I'll soldier forward and keep my 'it's just an experiment' hat on. Maybe a mentor will fall in my lap..then too maybe I'll be invited to the royal nups. HA!


Mr. H. said...
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Mr. H. said...

Good for you for taking the leap, your braver than I am as we are still hemming and hawing about raising bees. I hope your magical thinking grants you lots of honey in the end.:) Oops, sorry about the deleted comment, my fingers are still asleep.

cooterhollow said...

I'm dying to do honeybees, but My Native keeps reminding me that that's a cart that's wa-a-a-a-ay before the horse for us. Still, I think of all that honey I'm missing out on... good luck!