Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One of the good things about

sweet annie, love lies bleeding, edamame
pole beans
an only slightly disorganized tableau

from an only slightly disorganized gal

One of the good things about getting old, (I'm 57 to put it in context), is that you care less and less any rodents ass what others think of you. Truly it's one of the few blessings of waddling toward decrepitude. So while taking these snaps I felt none of the 'if only my projects weren't such a mess' feelings. I'm gathering seed, drying stuff and potting tenders up. It's messy.
So I got to thinking about housekeeping and design and that led me to thinking about the sort of aesthetic I've always admired. I love spare, uncluttered, simple motifs in most things. I have always pretty much held this sort of appreciation and YET I live as most others do who find themselves in what passes for the country these days; overflowing with interesting doodads, aka cluttered. Stuff accumulates. Some of it is useful or might be useful down the pike. Or there might be an object that is aged and deserves respect simply for making it this far despite the dings, nicks or long faded patina. Am I talking about an old metal rake or am I talking about me?


El said...

Good golly that looks like MY potting shed. I always tend to have 17 projects going on simultaneously, and then the seed-saving addiction adds its own little pile of craziness on top of it all. Trouble is, I live with a neat freak. He knows better than to wander into the potting shed, though!

Anyway, we went to a friends' house this weekend, and it's cluttered, and being there made me slightly nutty. I just wanted to tidy things up, wipe a counter, SOMETHING. what is WRONG with me, I thought: normally hey it's all cool, do what you like...maybe because they didn't serve us any wine. Wine makes dust and clutter go away, doesn't it?

I am so with you on the rat's ass thing, though. But I'll be damned if I show up with a bunch of women wearing red hats.

randi said...

Ha! El, you're so cool. If anyone could get this you would. In my defense I have done some massive culling over the last months which has done wonders for me and hope to carry the trend forward as time permits and my attention can be turned from things horticultural.
As to the social gaff of not offering you wine? Unacceptable!

Freija and Beringian Fritillary said...

You got your edamame! How'd it go? Was it worth growing? When do you harvest it for eating? My goodness it seems forever since I had a steaming bowl of salted edamame as a precursor to sushi feasting. Spill the beans on the secret life of edamame, please!